Top 5 LA-based Food Blogs

Los Angeles has no shortage of food blogs- and it’s a particular haven for Mexican food bloggers. This city has some of the best Mexican cuisine in the United States, and that should come as no surprise. Approximately 36% of LA’s residents are of Mexican heritage! Food blogs are fantastic resources when you’re looking for deep dives into food specialties by foodies or connoisseurs. So, we wanted to share some of our favorite LA-based food blogs with you!

Watcher Media - food blogs


Okay, so they aren’t totally a food blog, but they do have some great food-focused programming! The Watcher channel is helmed by LA-based vloggers and former BuzzFeed sweethearts Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara, and Steven Lim. This media company publishes an amalgamation of their zany but always entertaining antics directly onto YouTube. They have a podcast as well!  Watcher’s food-based TV-quality web shows include:

Dish Granted: a show featuring Steven Lim as its principal cast member as he embarks on the culinary journey of the ages: creating his friends’ favorite foods with a high-end twist. Check out the Dish Granted playlist!
Grocery Run: in this series, Steven takes center stage as interviewer and assistant chef as he accompanies celebrities on their typical grocery run before returning to their home to make their signature dish. Peep their Grocery Run playlist! These celebs sure know their way around the kitchen!
Homemade: returning to his “Worth It” roots, Steven does a deep dive into popular foods by comparing elevated restaurant entrees to home-cooked dishes. The Homemade playlist starts off with a Mexican classic!

Eater Los Angeles - Food Blogs

Eater Los Angeles

There’s an Eater branch in nearly every large city and region in the US with a notable food scene. Head to Eater Los Angeles for restaurant openings, the latest breaking restaurant, hospitality and food news, fun blogs, as well as featured articles. These featured articles include interviews with restauranteurs and cooks with a message, a dream, and some serious skills behind the stove.

Bill Esparza brings a new taco experience to town | Good Food | KCRW

Bill Esparza

Bill Esparza is the world’s premier expert on the Mexican food scene here in LA. That’s not even to mention that he’s the James Beard award-winning author of LA Mexicano! He doesn’t run a food blog per se, but he does run a spectacular Instagram account (@streetgourmetla), the storied Taqueando Fest, and Club Tengo Hambre– a travel company arranging food tours of Mexico City, Tijuana, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, and even the City of Angeles herself!

A Cozy Kitchen

Adrianna is a foodie and home chef who experiments with a little of everything- including tons of pan-Latin eats! From watermelon margaritas to her very own take on carne asada tacos, you can bring Latin cuisine right into the comfort of your own kitchen! At Benny’s, we love anything that blends all that’s right about Californian and Latin cuisine. Check out her amazing blog!

Gastronomy - Food Blogs


Cathy is an LA-based food critic and home chef whose work has been featured in the LA Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Bon Apetit, and more! She knows LA’s best eats and always brings her A-game to every review she writes. Whether you want to snag a great recipe for dinner or read a well-written review of a new Mexican place that just opened up down the street, Gastronomy is your place!

Did we miss your favorites? Which food blogs do you go to when you’re in a bind?

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