Thanksgiving Ideas for Santa Monica Residents

While we intended for this list to mostly concentrate on the actual day of Thanksgiving, we quickly came to the realization that we also wanted to offer some ideas for the entire Thanksgiving season!

Although some of these concepts may not be entirely novel to you, they might be to someone else. But we hope you’ll discover a lot of fresh concepts to add to your customary Thanksgiving celebration!

With no further ado, here are some original ways that Santa Monicans and people from other parts of the US can celebrate Thanksgiving!

  1. Begin each November day by expressing gratitude for something; vary your choice each day. You may record it in a journal, publish it on Twitter or Facebook, discuss it over dinner with your family, or express gratitude to God for it in the morning.
  2. To decorate your home, make faux pumpkins out of wooden blocks, corkboard, paper rolls, or lids from mason jars.
  3. Make a Thankful Tree so that your visitors can express their gratitude while dinner is cooking.
  4. Before going around the table, get everyone to write a thing they are grateful for on a sheet of paper, put it in a bowl, and shake it up. Then, ask each person to pull out a piece and read what someone else is grateful for.
  5. Finish the day by decorating your Christmas tree.
  6. During Thanksgiving, invite nearby college students who are unable to return home to your house.
  7. Get out of the home and play some football with your friends, family, and neighbors rather than simply watching football. You could even start your own unique Thanksgiving game.
  8. Write to your favorite teacher from childhood and express your gratitude for challenging and inspiring you.
  9. Spend some time each day expressing gratitude to a different person for being a component of your life. Do it perhaps even for the entire month of November.
  10. Ask each of your family members to express their gratitude for God’s love and grace first thing in the morning. It will not only set your day off to the perfect start, but it will also make it easier for you to maintain your gratitude throughout the day.
  11. Give your neighbors who live next door a basket of seasonal sweets.
  12. Prepare little copies of your preferred pies so that everyone may sample a bit of each taste.
  13. In your pajamas, observe the Thanksgiving Day parade.
  14. Investigate what actually transpired at the first Thanksgiving supper.
  15. Each day in November, write a letter to your partner, best friend, or child, expressing your gratitude for them in one particular way.
  16. Prepare Thanksgiving meals that are unique or traditional and that the earliest settlers would have liked.
  17. Prepare and package Thanksgiving dinners to give to anyone in need.
  18. Hold a pie-baking contest. Each person makes a different pie, and the winner is exempt from cleanup duties.
  19. Include some tasks carried out by early settlers, such as making a fire, in a zone with activities for children (under adult supervision).
  20. After filling up, spend the night engaging in board games with your friends and family rather than collapsing from overeating.
  21. Install Christmas lights on the exterior of your home the day before Thanksgiving. Then, after Thanksgiving dinner, invite everyone outside to witness their debut.

There you have it! You may try some of these ideas for a great Thanksgiving season. If you are in St. Monica or areas around here, you may consider ordering mouth-watering food from Benny’s Taco to make your experience even better. Call us today to make your order.

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