Benny’s Tacos is Where Chicken Learns to be Tasty Again

Rotisserie Chicken

In our society, chicken is often viewed as boring and commonplace. When Mom gets home late and doesn’t know what to cook for dinner, she whips up some quick pasta with chicken. We eat it in our sandwiches, our salads, our soups and hot off the grill. From a young age, we grow accustomed to it as an easy, simple, plain meal or addition to a meal. And the worst part of it all is that the chicken we eat usually tastes the same — and we expect it to taste the same because it’s considered boring. So wouldn’t it be fun if chicken was exciting again?

What if We Told You that Benny’s Tacos has Put the Fun Back in Chicken?

Not only do we cook our chicken rotisserie-style right before your eyes, but it tastes like none you’ve ever had before. This is not the same stuff Mom whips up for dinner: The chicken at Benny’s Tacos is marinated in a delicious combination of herbs and spices, but most noticeable is the tantalizing taste of garlic beneath the skin. You can taste the spritz of lemon and the massage of garlic that went into making our chicken glisteningly delicious. A sharp palate will discern dozens of other spices blended into the marinade, but even those diners without the ability to pinpoint every herb will know that something is different about our chicken.

Before opening Benny’s Tacos, our owners and chefs traveled around the world to learn how to make the best tacos. On the way, they discovered the recipe for an unforgettable chicken experience. You’ll be surprised just how much you enjoy eating our mouth-watering chicken, and you’ll be even more surprised to find you can’t forget it when the experience is over. Our phenomenal recipe will have you planning a return trip before you leave the restaurant. Add in a few fresh, house-made tortillas and a serving of our chunky, tasty guacamole, and you’ll be a Benny’s Tacos fan for life.

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