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The collegiate breakfast: nothing. Snack: a cup of noodles. Lunch: a cup of noodles. Dinner: an overpriced medley of semi-identifiable, extra-fried and sugary grub from the lackluster cafe. Freshman Fifteen is only one of the eating-related issues associated with the college diet. Your studies and classes mandate you don’t stray too far from campus to merely have a decent lunch. Your looming tuition bills and overall lack of financial security keeps your food selections limited at best. Low-quality food choices usually follow a small disposable income – you can’t constantly pay the extra money to eat the good food you want to eat. With poor ratings on Otis College’s on-campus food, it’s easy to want to search off campus for reasonably priced food that fills you up and tastes better than the cafe’s Meatloaf Surprise. (Gross) Our Otis student discount special is your solution.

taco plate

We’re affordable food in walkable distance, and we offer students discounts.

We offer a student discount that entails 10% off to all who present a verifiable Otis student ID card and are dining-in. At only half a mile away from campus, it’s a matter of a 10-minute walk to get here. With the student discount, turn your college student diet from a deprived one into a robust and satisfactory one. It’s not sustainable to eat hot water and noodles and other microwavable foods all the time. Otis consistently demands high-quality output from you.

So to properly meet your need to maintain verve and energy throughout the day, the balance of nutritional value and healthy caloric intake is especially important. With our diverse menu ranging from veggie salads to a Whole Chicken plate, we can help you keep up with the quality output demanded of you. To receive the 10% off student discount, come by any day with your ID. We’re happy to engage and connect with our local community and look forward to seeing you enjoy your made-to-order meal!

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