Top 6 Spices for Mexican Dishes

One of the characteristics of Mexican cuisine is the variety of flavors used. When you sit down to a traditional Mexican meal, you must be fully prepared to find it flavorful! However, people frequently fail to recognize that not all of these seasonings correspond to spices in the heat sense because authentic Mexican cuisine is rarely spicy. Instead, they are flavorful. So, what are the most common spices used in a Mexican kitchen?

  • Allspice

Allspice is an interesting name choice for this spice because it tastes similar to nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and pepper. However, despite the name, it isn’t made from any of these ingredients.

The dried Pimenta dioica berries are ground into a powder form known as allspice. Surprisingly, you will need a whole dozen berries to make a teaspoon of allspice! This spice is a major ingredient in jerk chicken because it has a warm, sweet aroma. Cook the chicken for a few minutes, and then add allspice to the bowl of meat.

  • Garlic

Garlic is among the most widely used spices in Mexico. Garlic can be purchased fresh, powdered, or jarred, and is frequently used in taco and salsa seasoning. Garlic is also frequently combined with onion powder, another Mexican spice.

  • Oregano

Another popular Mexican spice is oregano. This comes from a variety of oregano, including Mediterranean oregano and Mexican oregano. Using oregano in Mexican dishes gives them a fresh, earthy flavor.

  • Coriander

Coriander seeds can be used whole or ground, and their taste is rarely chided. The seeds are baked to improve their aroma before being ground. Since ground seeds lose their spiciness within a short time, grind them for a few hours before you add them to your cuisine.

Coriander seeds and powder can be used to season pickles and curries, and any dish that includes chili powder or chili would benefit from a spoonful of coriander in any form.

  • Cumin

While cumin was discovered in the Mediterranean, it is now widely used in Mexican cuisine. Cumin is readily found all over the globe, which has increased its popularity. It provides a bitter, slightly toasty flavor that few other spices can match, making cumin a traditional Mexican spice. It is a common flavoring in taco seasonings.

  • Chile Powder

Chile powder can be made by combining the spices listed above with some chiles. Whereas other spices are occasionally added, chile powder is primarily made up of cumin, oregano, and chiles. This powder is commonly used to season vegetables and meats, but it also has other applications. There are numerous types of chile powder, such as chipotle and ancho, each with a distinctive recipe.

Although each Mexican recipe is unique, the spices are always the same. Mexican dishes wouldn’t have the flavor we’ve grown to love without these spices! At Benny’s Tacos, we have significant experience with these and other Mexican spices. We can adjust your dish’s heat to your preferred level. If you are looking for authentic Mexican dishes, give us a visit today! We are proud to serve you with freshly prepared and well-spiced Mexican food.

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