Rotisserie Chicken: A Benny’s Specialty

Mmm, is there anything better than a good piece of rotisserie chicken? Whether you’re grabbing lunch in the middle of a long day at the office or looking for the perfect late lunch to punctuate a lazy Sunday afternoon, it always seems to hit the spot. When the meat is soft and tender, with just the right amount of seasoning and the perfect sauce on the side…we just made ourselves hungry just by talking about it.

For the uninitiated (shame on you) rotisserie chicken is a dish where the entire chicken is skewered by a single metal rod and either placed over a fire or roasted in an oven. In logical terms, it’s popular because it cooks the meat evenly and makes it easy for the cook to baste the chicken at precisely the right moments. But that’s just the logical side of it – in our hearts, we know that we love rotisserie chicken best because as the meet turns over the open flame its infused with the taste of Heaven.

Rotisserie chicken is a specialty at Benny’s Tacos, one of the dishes that made our famous and which keeps our loyal customers coming back week after week. We serve free-range chicken, lightly seasoned with just the right amount of spices to give the tender meat a bit of kick. We offer a range of size options, ranging from half a chicken for a light lunch to a two full chicken combo meal that’ll feed a troop at a bargain price.

You haven’t had chicken until you’ve tried Benny’s rotisserie chicken. Come on down and try something special. You owe it to yourself.

All of our rotisserie chicken dishes come with garlic paste, tortillas, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. If you are looking for the best of all worlds, visit us on Monday, when the half chicken plate is one of our specials. Get our signature rotisserie chicken meat and sides for the scandalously low price of $7.25. Looking for a classic dish prepared with unparalleled skills and for a low price? The only place you’ll find your heart’s desire is Benny’s Tacos.

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