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Although earning its Catholic namesake from Saint Monica by way of a party of Spanish Conquistadores hundreds of years ago, Santa Monica has had art deco-esque nicknames like, “The Pearl of the Pacific,” and “Jewel of the Sunset Bay,” (amongst others) that aptly fit the idyllic beachfront. The land was auctioned off at the end of the 19th century, and by the beginning of the 20th, erecting carousels, rides, theaters, “funhouses” and concession stands, amusement park tycoon and entrepreneur Charles Looff set the precedent for the pier to be a focal point for entertainment, camaraderie and nightlife.

In 1973, Santa Monica’s city council voted to tear down the Santa Monica pier. The beach town’s citizens and all those who enjoyed the pier for decades met the city’s decision with vehement retaliation. After a successful campaign, the city council lifted its plans for demolition. Not only that, but three of the councilmen that supported the teardown were removed from office and replaced with pier-advocating council members in the following election. Massive storms in 1983 gave the pier another go at its survival, ripping chunks off the structure. But by 1990, it was entirely restored. A few years later, the pier opened up Pacific Park – an amusement park that was set to last. Because of the iconic design and unbeatable view from the Ferris wheel, the park immediately became a seminal landmark in Los Angeles.

Benny’s Tacos is opening in Santa Monica!

Benny’s Tacos wants to add to Santa Monica’s rich history with its new location open on June 20th, this Saturday, at 915 Wilshire Boulevard. 100% grass-feed, beef, made to order meals, and a homemade taste earmark Benny’s Tacos unmatched quality. Catering to top tech businesses like Google, Yelp, and Hulu, we’re proud to serve all of Santa Monica and beyond with Mexican food, you won’t be able to eat just once! Next time you are in the area make sure to visit Benny’s Tacos Santa Monica!

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