Finish Your Weekend with Menudo Sunday

Last month, we talked about the specials that can get you a superstar meal for low, low prices at Benny’s Tacos. Today, we want to go into a bit of detail about the rich culinary and cultural history that surrounds Benny’s Sunday special: menudo. And no, folks, we’re not talking about the boy band. (sorry, Ricky Martin fans)

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup, made out of beef stomach, chili, and a veritable cocktail of spices, usually containing cilantro, oregano, and crushed peppers. It’s an extremely aromatic dish, flavorful and comforting. It has also achieved international fame (or possibly infamy?) for its reputed ability to instantly cure any hangover. If the glass of water and pair of aspirins isn’t getting you back to full speed after a crazy Saturday night, why not make your way down to Benny’s and put this mythic soup’s reputation to the test?

But menudo is so much more than a substitute for dog hair – it’s a social ritual and a family custom down in Mexico.

The soup is very labor-intensive and time-consuming to make, and usually requires the attention of multiple cooks for several hours. For most of the twentieth century, it was a tradition in small towns for the members of a family to come together on a weekend morning, spend hours preparing the soup, and then dine on it as a clan. Menudo brought together different generations, turned neighbors into friends, and made towns into communities.

Now, Benny’s Taco is proud to bring a small part of these weekend menudo rituals to modern-day Westchester. Join us on Sundays, when menudo is our daily special, and you can have a serving of the famous soup with fresh tortillas and one carne asada or chicken taco, all for just $7. Whether you are looking to try the soup’s legendary hangover-ending powers or just want to make a new friend over a bowl of a traditional delicacy, you don’t want to miss out on our modern take of a timeless tradition.

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