Grass-fed Beef at Benny’s Tacos

Benny’s is proud to announce that Australian grass-fed beef is now the only type of beef that they’ll be using in their food. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals to help your bodies function more healthily. Grass-fed beef also tastes the way beef is supposed to taste; naturally lean, tender, and full of flavor.

Benefits of Grass-fed Beef

The nutrients you get from your beef are dependent upon the diets of the cattle. Because grass-fed animals live a less stressful life, there’s no need to fill them with antibiotics or growth hormones (which have shown adverse side effects.) High-grain, high-corn diets used on feedlots make for less healthy cattle and ultimately a less healthy consumer. Grass-fed beef has Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega fats help lower blood fat levels (which is considered “bad fat”), limit joint pain, help combat ADHD, help with infant development, and are linked with lowering depression levels. Because our bodies cannot manufacture these fats naturally, it’s important we get them from an outside source. Grass-fed beef is also leaner meat. This means it contains fewer calories and it could help lower your cholesterol levels. It holds higher amounts of Vitamin E and beta-carotene than grain-fed beef does, which could lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. With all these supplemental benefits, grass-fed beef is considered a food-source that’s unusually diverse and abundant in its nutrient profile.

From the Pasture to the Table

Our Australian beef is 100% natural, pasture-raised, and free of artificial additives and hormones. It’s a pure product that doesn’t cause detriment to the environment nor to the consumer. Benny’s Tacos wants to continuously try to bring a high level of satisfaction to its patrons. By using beef that is healthier and tastier, we believe we are in stride to achieve this goal. Come into today and taste the difference.

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