Benny’s Tacos is Now Delivering to Santa Monica with UberEats

Introducing Benny’s Tacos with UberEats

Perhaps you have heard about UberEats, but if not, let us tell you. UberEats is a brand new premium food delivery service operated by Uber that allows you to have freshly-cooked meals from the hottest restaurants delivered to your doorstep within ten minutes of your order, including the Westside and Santa Monica.  However, this does not mean that any typical restaurant is available. Rather, restaurants must undergo a strict application process, and only the best outlets are chosen. Criteria for selection are many: the restaurants must be exceptionally clean and healthy, the meals must be of consistent quality and prepared on time, and the restaurants must be able to output between 200 and 300 meals per hour. Even then, many restaurants do not get selected for Uber Eat.  Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we hereby announce Benny’s Tacos is one of the newest members of this exciting service.

We understand daily life in Santa Monica and LA. Traffic is bad. For those of us that work long hours and hit rush hour traffic regularly, the last thing we want to do is get caught in more traffic, especially Santa Monica traffic! Therefore, we are excited to be able to finally bring our delicious food to your home, allowing you to enjoy great meals without having to take any extra time out of your jam-packed day. Although the meals are delivered to your door, we guarantee they will still be fresh, hot, and amazing in taste.

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