Daily Specials at Benny’s Tacos Offer Discounts on Benny’s Tacos Signature Dishes

At Benny’s Tacos, we know that keeping our customers happy is the key to keeping our business running. We provide some of the tastiest Mexican and rotisserie chicken in Los Angeles; between our chicken and our guacamole, our customers always come back for more. Even though we know our food is worth the trip to Benny’s Tacos, we want to give our customers just a little bit more to let them know that we appreciate them as much as they appreciate our food. That’s why we offer daily specials on a Benny’s Tacos dish every day of the week. Our customers deserve to get the food they love at a price they’ll love, too.

Benny’s Tacos’ daily specials feature some of our signature Mexican dishes, specially chosen to deliver a great meal at a great deal.

Our daily specials offer discounts on signature Benny’s Tacos meals so customers can enjoy a dish they may not have chosen with its regular price.

Our specials include such deals on dishes as three lobster tacos in freshly handmade corn or flour tortillas with side of guacamole and freshly baked tortilla chips for only $8.25, Menudo (homemade Mexican hangover soup) with fresh corn or flour tortillas plus one Carne Asada or one chicken taco for only $7, and three Al Pastor (Pork) Tacos in freshly made handmade corn or flour tortillas with a side of guacamole and freshly baked tortilla chips for only $6.

How can you pass up deals so fantastic on dishes that sound so appealing? Daily specials allow Benny’s Tacos to give the community the dishes they want at the prices they love.

So when are you going to stop by?

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