Benny’s Tacos Can Cater Your School

There’s a school event, and you need everyone fed. Maybe there’s a board meeting among teachers, a classroom scored the highest on their last test, the local baseball team hit the winning ball or it’s just a fun gathering of coworkers. Whether it’s a business meeting or a celebration, you need to cater the school, and the tried and true method is pizza or sandwiches—they’re fast, cheap and easy. Those foods also give the impression the main concern is keeping the guests full over actually providing a good meal.

You don’t need to take the easy way out. Why not make the occasion a little more memorable with some delicious, authentic Mexican food? Your staff and students deserve a reward for their hard work, and Benny’s Tacos is here to cater your school event.

Benny’s Tacos has catered hundreds of people in the L.A. school district; we’re more than happy to serve those who nurture the education system. We don’t talk down to our customers by cooking false Mexican food; everything on our menu is authentic. Alongside items such as special tacos, wet burritos and carne asada plates, we also provide rotisserie chicken, seafood and vegetarian options. In addition to schools, Benny’s Tacos has been called upon to cater to a number of corporations, including Google and Hulu. Our professionals can satisfy anyone, whether multimillion corporations or a classroom, by providing the best services possible.

We care about education, and Benny’s Tacos has your school’s full support in providing excellent food for your event. Make that board meeting less stressful with some rotisserie chicken. Reward classrooms with some tacos. Give your support to the baseball team with a big burrito. We’re here to help.

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