Hulu Loves Benny’s Tacos’ Mexican Catering!

What’s the best part of any company gathering? You got it: the catering. A company gathering with good food can transform what may feel like an obligatory celebration into a delectable reprieve from keyboards, phone calls and business reports; excellent food transforms a day at work into a day relaxing with friends, especially when it is Mexican catering.

That’s why, when the Santa Monica division of Hulu needed its company event catered, it called Benny’s Tacos. Hulu, a successful subscription and internet streaming company, knows that Benny’s Tacos isn’t just good food; it’s excellent food crafted with particular care to deliver the homemade flavor Benny’s Tacos is known for.

After sampling Benny’s Tacos food and catering at a past event, Hulu requested the service of Benny’s Tacos yet again. The perfect location between Santa Monica, Culver City and Venice, Benny’s Tacos catered the event, setting up the food and serving the 250 guests with the same friendly and efficient customer service that can always be expected from Benny’s Tacos.

Specifically, and with stomach-grumbling resolve, the Hulu team requested Benny’s Tacos’ hearty Angus beef tacos, flavorful homemade green and red salsa, and cheesy chicken red sauce quesadillas served with farm-fresh vegetables. Even as returning customers, the Hulu team was impressed with the service of Benny’s Tacos’ Mexican catering team.

Let Our Mexican Catering Team Take Care of Your Next Event!

Benny’s Tacos is food crafted to satisfy, but don’t let your satisfaction end once you leave the premises. Benny’s Tacos offers catering for events big and small. If a big-time company like Hulu can appreciate our tacos, quesadillas, and salsa, so can you! Whether you have a baby shower, birthday party, company gathering, or just a casual party, let Benny’s Tacos take your revelry up a notch.

We’ve catered for Hulu, Yelp, Google and Sony—we can cater to you, too! If you live or work in Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City or elsewhere on the Westside, Benny’s Tacos is available to cater to your event.

Check out our catering page and make an appointment today!

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